Barnwell Priory

Barnwell Priory was founded in 1092 and is the Abbey for which Abbey ward is named! It hosted numerous medieval kings and even a Parliament. But it was not always popular. It survived a revolt launched by angry locals in 1381, however 150 years later it became the target of a more powerful foe, King Henry VIII. Most of the Abbey was dismantled with the Dissolution of the Monasteries, standing as a ruin from 1538 to 1810. Hardly anything now remains of this medieval landmark, except for the storehouse called the Exchequer (for coins, fish and grain), which you can still see on Beche Road. The Abbey is now memorialized by the naming of Abbey Meadows School and by the streets named after Priors from 800 years ago, as in Thorleye Road, Rayson Way, Stanesfield Road, Gerard Road, Rawlyn Road and Peverel Road.

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