Here are sets of photos taken by the team at Historyworks - which are creative commons so you can use them on your school or museum websites and facebooks and news letters as long as you give a credit to Historyworks - enjoy!  

Poet and youngsters team up (Cambridge News)

Photos of Historyworks Workshop led by Michael Rosen & Helen Weinstein

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CD "Sound of Steam" playlist of Primary School & Community Choir 'Horrible History' Styley Songs

St Matthew's Primary School Year 5's Coldham's Common Songs & Poems

Morley Primary School River Cam and Sewage Pumping Station Songs & Poems

St Luke's CofE Primary School Year 5's Fitzwilliam Lions Songs & Poems

Ridgefield Primary School Year 5's River Cam and Sewage Pumping Station Songs & Poems

St Philip's CofE Primary School Year 5's Coprolite Mining Songs & Poems

Abbey Meadows Primary School Year 5's Coldham's Common Songs & Poems

Coldham’s Common by Michael Rosen


The years pass
and the grass grows,
the grass grows over
the years disappear...

clues are found.
Listen! And we can hear
across a hundred million years...

The sound of the sea
where now there’s a tree;
giant lizards in the sky
wide wings take them high
swooping on fish in the waves
gliding over rocks and caves
flapping and stopping
leaving their droppings
for millions of years
right here, just here.

The years pass
and the grass grows,
the grass grows over
the years disappear.

What were droppings and bone
turn to stone
deep down, day and night
silent, slow, out of sight
vast beyond measure
a secret treasure
deep in the ground
waiting to be found.

Up above people come and go
their pigs and cows moving slow
free to graze upon the ground
until a Lord puts fences round:
nowhere for the pigs and cows,
and with the people starving now
one Jack o’ the Style leads a revolt
with a hundred others they call a halt
break the fences and burst back through
with pigs and cows, their hens and ewes.

The years pass
and the grass grows,
the grass grows over
the years disappear.

One John Ball from Burnell way
beneath the grass, said there lay
some sort o’ magical stuff
the which - if ye had enough,
mixed it right, made it just so,
it’d make any plant grow
and in a matter of just a few years
thousands came and dug right here.

Very few knew that all the while
they were free to do so, ‘cos of Jack o’ the Style
very few knew that the reason why
was down to lizards in the sky
for millions of years, leaving behind
what many years later, others would find.

The years pass
and the grass grows,
the grass grows over
the years disappear
and here we are:
we stand right here.


Are We There Yet? Journey to Abbey Meadows - Clicking to Connectivity

12th March Activities

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Singing History Concert 2016

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Michael Rosen at Abbey Meadows School

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Clicking to Connectivity Event 29th October

Here are some photos of the Clicking to Connectivity event on 29th October at Great St Mary's with instructions on how to search and download within the Historyworks filickr groups explained if you scroll below the photo slideshows on this page.

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Family Funday

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Twilight at the Museums 2016 CMT

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Improv Workshop

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living in Cambridge …

Co-Created Film called 'Journey from Abbey Meadows'

This film was co-created with the team at Historyworks led by Helen Weinstein working with young people at Abbey Meadows who devised and voiced all the words to accompany this tour of their area.  The film work involved 180 young people in total, and a variety of media were employed including the recording of audio performances and stills of the area and the young people were recorded.

All the history and art works have been co-created with the team at Historyworks with inspirational sessions organized by Historyworks starring the rap artist, Inja Hue, and the singing teacher, Mario Satchwell, and the primary education advisor, Tizzy Faller.

Film and Photography and Audio have been captured by all team members, but especially by Helen Weinstein, Jon Calver, and Ross Casswell. Much of the historical research would not have been completed without the excellent resources at the Cambridgeshire Collection at the City Library and the team work from the Doctoral Training Programme at the University of Cambridge, whose students are rising to the challenge of learning how to translate their research skills for mass audiences.

The aim of the project is to allow a new method of place-making, by sharing historical stories specific to an area, and to inspire a visceral connection to these locations by supporting young people to co-create artworks in film and sound, words and voices which are then edited into soundfiles and films which can be coded for the public to enjoy and 'bump into' public art and local history as an ibeacon trail. We hope you enjoy the experiment!

Clicking to Connectivity Pupil's Work Showcase

Children and their Teachers from Abbey Meadows School have been working with Historyworks to co-create poems, songs and more for this new technology pilot which will be extended from the Market Place all the way back to Abbey Meadows as a 'scavenger trail' later on in the project. 

Watch this video showcasing the work produced during the 'Clicking to Connectivity' Project. 

Creative Workshops at Abbey Meadows School

RAP workshops at Abbey Meadows with Inja

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Singing History Concert performances for 'Creating My Cambridge'

Photos  and short film of 'The Singing History' concert at West Road Concert Hall on 8th March 2015 which was the finale of the project organized by Historyworks for the pilot project for 'Creating My Cambridge' involving several community choirs and primary choirs, and performances from Year 5s with their pieces inspired by the Horrible Histories Songwriting workshops delivered by Dave Cohen, songwriter and Helen Weinstein, Historian alongside wider members of the Historyworks team and CaMEO teams including Mario Satchwell, Tizzy Faller, Joe Shaw, Henri Ward, Jon Calver:

Michael Rosen & the Listening Lions Project

Photos of Michael Rosen & the 'Listening Lions' project on Flickr with instructions on how to search and download within the Historyworks filickr groups explained if you scroll below the photo slideshows on this page.

Cambridge and participants 'Singing History' in the Cycle of Songs project


Photos of the Cycle of Songs project on Flickr

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