How to compose using Body Percussion to accompany the Lion Poem & Lion Songs

Film & Lesson Plans

The objective is for children to learn how to compose using body percussion and lyrics, to create a rap/song, inspired by Michael Rosen's poem called 'The Listening Lions' 


Featuring CaMEO's Tizzy Faller & Mario Satchwell demonstrating an introduction to body percussion with children from St Phillip's Primary, Milton Road Primary, King's Choristers, Milton CE Primary joining in!

LESSON PLANS - by Tizzy Faller of CaMEO & Mario Satchwell of 'Singing History' 

The Lesson plans have been tried out on Yr 5 at St Philip's Primary School and written by Tizzy Faller, Music Outreach Assistant for CaMEO, at the Cambridge University Music Faculty and Mario Satchwell, workshop leader for the 'Creating My Cambridge' project & MD of the 'Singing History' Choir.

The first lesson shows how to introduce body percussion to the classroom in an accessible way, to accompany the 'Fitz Trip Trap Round' which you can find on the Lion Song page here.

The next two lesson plans demonstrate how to use body percussion and lyrics, to compose a rap or song, using Michael Rosen's 'Listening Lions' poem as inspiration.  You can find Michael's Lion poem here.

Do please download the lesson plans which you will find online on this page & do share with other teachers on curriculum resource pages.  The documents below are for you to download and print to use for a class:

How to compose using Body Percussion to accompany the Lion Poem & Lion Songs


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