How To Make A Shaker

Create your own junk band shaker using cups and dried rice/pasta! Just follow the simple instructions below:

MATERIALS: plastic cups, dried rice/pasta/lentils/beans, sticky tape, colouring pens and stickers (to decorate)

TOOLS:  scissors


Take one cup and part fill it with some dried rice/pasta/lentils/beans.

Next take the second cup and balance it on top of the first cup.

Then take a long piece of tape to attach the two cups together (you may need to use more than one piece to make sure it's really secure!)

Finally decorate your cup with stickers/sticky labels and colouring pens/marker pens (use marker pens if colouring directly on the plastic but be careful of your fingers!)

And ta da, your shaker is complete and ready to use as part of your junk band!

How To Make A Shaker


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