The Bath House

Commissioned by HistoryWorks For ‘Creating My Cambridge’ 

Lyrics: Dave Cohen

Recording and Scoring: Bethany Kirby

Download a copy of the SCORE HERE

Lyrics to the tune of "Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside"*

Verse 1
Oh I do like to clean up in the bath house
Oh I do like a scrub inside the tub
For just four pence a throw,
Hot and cold water flow
And the kids come cheap, washed from head to toe

Verse 2
At the end of a hard day on the railway
Soot from coal is all on your clothes and face
All the people dirt poor
Bath’s a bucket on the floor
Disease makes you shiver and there’s sewage in the river

Verse 3
Many years passed before the baths were built here
No one knew bathing helped to stop diseases
Kids were taken from the station
And put into isolation
At a hospital a mile away for coughs and sneezes

Verse 4
Then was opened in 1927
50 years kept the local people clean
It was fun from the start
Men and women kept apart
And they all remembered Dolly, the attendant who was jolly.

Verse 5
Stroll along and you still can see the Bath House
Coat of Arms of the city on the door
Bath or shower in most homes
We can all get clean alone
So we don’t need, Bath House no more

The Bath House


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