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'Yours Hopefully' Poetry and Song Concert with Michael Rosen & Resound Acappella Choir - 7th March

This event on Wed 7th March was an uplifting concert of poems and songs about the ‘Power of Words’, including some new poems and vocal arrangements, especially commissioned by Historyworks for marking Holocaust Memorial Day 2018 on themes around kindness, migration, racism, refugees.

The poetry written and performed by Michael Rosen describes gaps in his life, about Jewish members of his family who were missing during the Second World War, and how it was for Michael to find out decades later what had happened to them and to recall them through words means that their memory has not been erased from history.  His poems also challenge racism and prejudice against migrants and refugees today.

ReSound Acappella Choir shared songs of hope, solidarity, celebration and connection, drawn from different cultural traditions, all sung in glorious resonant harmony led by Rowena Whitehead. 

For more information visit:

This event was a fundraiser in aid of CamCRAG (Cambridge Convoy Refugee Action Group), a registered charity that sends regular convoys of volunteers with donations of clothing and other items to help refugees in Northern France and elsewhere.

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Michael Rosen's Workshop for Teaching Professionals - Wednesday 7th March

In this CPD workshop, author Michael Rosen & public historian Helen Weinstein, will introduce teachers to ways of supporting students to improve their reading and writing of both poetry and prose. Historyworks has made a huge number of free resources with Michael Rosen for Cambridgeshire schools, which we will showcase at the event.  All participants will receive two signed books from Michael Rosen, the latter recently published, aimed at primary and early secondary school teachers.  Teachers will be taken through Michael’s guidance about how students can be encouraged to embrace reading and also improve the content of their writing by evaluating their narrative ingredients using his top tips.  Helen Weinstein will showcase a variety of resources including history stories, walking trails, poetry and songs which have been devised by Michael Rosen and Historyworks, for teachers to use both inside and outside the classroom, to enhance learning across the curriculum. The main aim at the end of a long school day will be to inspire teachers, share practical tips and free resources, have fun with words in poetry and prose, and also eat chocolate cake together!

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Creative Workshop with Michael Rosen at Milton Road Primary - 7th March

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Cambridge’s Holocaust Memorial Day Civic Ceremony

This year our theme for the HMD programme will be The Power of Words. The Holocaust perpetrated by the Nazis and subsequent genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia, Darfur show us how words have been used in the past to cause and inspire hate, to encourage and justify violence. But that power of words can also be used as a force for good.
The HMD Civic Ceremony  comprise songs, readings, poetry and drama, all inspired and interspersed by moving words from survivor testimonies and uplifting words from groups actively campaigning for equalities and supporting diversity today. Our speakers will include Jo Ingabire, whose incredible story takes us on a journey in Rwanda from hatred to reconciliation, where she preserves genocide memories through literature to build a positive future. Also, Peter Lantos, who survived the Nazi concentration camp at Bergen-Belsen to become a top UK medical researcher; in retirement recounting his childhood experiences in literary forms.

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School Assemblies and Workshops with Michael Rosen for Cambridge Primary and Secondary Schools and Colleges

The Director of Historyworks, the public historian Helen Weinstein is introducing students and teachers to the history of the Holocaust, suitable for KS2, KS3, KS4, A’ Level. Partnering with the renowned poet, Michael Rosen, and the Holocaust survivor, Eva Clarke, we are together leading workshops to encourage young people to understand the past and relate this to their present by listening and reflecting and using testimony from past genocides to write their own poems and narratives, songs and dramas.

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Railway Singers Concert at Mill Road Winter Fair 2nd December

Railway Singers were joined by Sing! Community Choir and primary singers in walking distance of Mill Road,  from St Matthew's School, Ridgefield School, St Philip's CofE and Abbey Meadows Primary Schools.
The concert was designed to be very participatory, with the words up on the big screens, so it was easy for the audience to add their voices too. We did NOT be parade afterwards to the corner of Cavendish Road because the new sculpture will now be unveiled in the Spring rather than on the day of the Winter Fair, so we will save this treat for 2018 to sing at the Romsey R!!

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Michael Rosen's Creative Writing Workshop Organized by Historyworks

Children from local Cambridge Primary Schools had a fantastic morning of poetry, history and song with Michael Rosen and the Historyworks team as they gathered in the Cambridge Union’s Debating Chamber for an exciting workshop on Friday 9th June.
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Active Abbey Adventures for Half Term Fun Day

On Tuesday 30th May HistoryWorks had a great afternoon of fun in the glorious sunshine alongside ChYpPS, Abbey People and other play partners, with a whole afternoon of "Active Abbey Adventures" including sports and making activities - kicking off with a free lunch and badge making from 12.30 to 1.30pm at Barnwell Baptist Church!  

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Active Abbey Adventures on Abbey Environment Day

On Saturday 8th April, in the middle of the Easter holidays, Historyworks had a fantastic time at Barnwell Library and other points in Abbey ward when launching their new Geocache trail and accompanying map leaflet funded by a Cambridge City Council Walking and Promotion grant. For the event day Historyworks partnered with Abbey People, Barnwell Library, ChYpPS, The Wildlife Trust, FoodCycle, and the Margaret Wright Community Orchard to host  ‘Active Abbey Adventures’ as part of Abbey Environment Day. The weather was perfect for groups of families and friends to get out exploring around the local area down to the Cambridge Museum of Technology and the River Cam to the west and over to Coldham's Common and the Orchard to the east, using our new geocaching trail, either on foot or by bike and enjoying a variety of activities en route!

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Geocaching: Designing & Testing The Leaflets & Locations

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Sing for Your School Celebration- 2nd March

The evening of 2nd March was a fantastic celebration of song and creativity, when the 8 finalists from local Cambridgeshire Schools came to perform at the Corn Exchange for the ‘Sing for Your School Celebration’ event. There was a real buzz in the air as the event started, with Mario Satchwell, Helen Weinstein and Tizzy Faller from Historyworks leading all the schools and the whole audience in a huge warm up session, to get their vocal chords ready for an evening of singing!

Michael Rosen expressed how amazed he was with the incredible talent the young people had in their song writing. 

The audience also had the joy of hearing two of the other judges, Dan Wilde and Ilarna Nche, both singer songwriters, perform as part of the evening, with Dan singing his song Pieces and Ilarna singing her song Here’s To The World alongside her sister Towalla.

All the performances were heartfelt and sung with real passion and enthusiasm, moving the audience and making parents, grandparents, siblings and teachers extremely proud of the young people on stage.

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Sing For Your School: Rehearsals and Filming

The production team at Historyworks has been hugely enjoying supporting this as Event Producers, rehearsing with the young people, recording their songs, interviewing the composers and their children, and making the short films which will be played out between acts at the celebratory event.

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Pumpkin Festival at Margaret Wright Community Orchard

Historyworks joined up with community organizations for the Pumpkin Festival on Wednesday 26th October at the Margaret Wright Community Orchard, off Whitehill Road.  Abbey People hosted the event in partnership with ChYpPS, Historyworks and Cambridge Sustainable Food for a celebration of all things Autumnal. 

The  theme for Historyworks was 'Music and Modelling'.  And as soon as we arrived at the Orchard, a hidden gem, with a magical 'secret garden' feeling, we were surrounded by children wanting to get busy with making. 

Everyone had a fantastic time and a huge thanks due to Lorna and Keith and volunteers from the Margaret Wright Community Orchard. It was a really happy community event and fantastic to be outside together in the Autumn!

Here is our slideshow of photos from the event, but we don't have any of the singing because we were all performing with the children, so if any one in Abbey had some they can contribute, please email to us! 

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Cambridge Junction Stobbs Cup Challenge 2016 at CMT

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Helen Weinstein and the team at Historyworks devised an activity afternoon at the Cambridge Museum of Technology for teams from Stobbs IP for a fun team-building afternoon of creative tasks and you can read a report blog about the event which you can view on our CreatingMyCambridge website here:
The teams at Stobbs IP were brilliant at engaging in the history of the River Cam and the Victorian pumping station building replica chimneys out of recycled paper and learning about the site using the Bluetooth beacons we had primed around the site with the history of each space and a clue challenge.  For those interested in the potential for geo-located technology we've written up about how to use bluetooth beacons here:


Big Wednesday on Coldham's Common Junk Band and Drumming Workshops

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Big Wednesday on Coldham's Common Kite and Model Making

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Making Music and Marvelous Machines Junk Band Workshop

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Making Music and Marvelous Machines Glider Making Workshop

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Making Music and Marvelous Machines Wire Modeling Workshop

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Making Music and Marvelous Machines Kite and Shaker Making Workshop

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Creating My Cambridge Participants and Illustrations 2016

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Photos of Historyworks Workshop led by Michael Rosen & Helen Weinstein

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SInging History at Great St Mary's Activities

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Singing History Concert 2016

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Michael Rosen at Abbey Meadows School

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Family Funday at Cambridge Museum of Technology

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Twilight at the Museums 2016 CMT

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Improv Workshop

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Abbey Lantern Parade

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Clicking to Connectivity Event 29th October

Here are some photos of the Clicking to Connectivity event on 29th October at Great St Mary's with instructions on how to search and download within the Historyworks filickr groups explained if you scroll below the photo slideshows on this page.

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RAP workshops at Abbey Meadows with Inja

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Singing History Concert performances for 'Creating My Cambridge'

Photos  and short film of 'The Singing History' concert at West Road Concert Hall on 8th March 2015 which was the finale of the project organized by Historyworks for the pilot project for 'Creating My Cambridge' involving several community choirs and primary choirs, and performances from Year 5s with their pieces inspired by the Horrible Histories Songwriting workshops delivered by Dave Cohen, songwriter and Helen Weinstein, Historian alongside wider members of the Historyworks team and CaMEO teams including Mario Satchwell, Tizzy Faller, Joe Shaw, Henri Ward, Jon Calver:

Michael Rosen & the Listening Lions Project

Photos of Michael Rosen & the 'Listening Lions' project on Flickr with instructions on how to search and download within the Historyworks filickr groups explained if you scroll below the photo slideshows on this page.

Cambridge and participants 'Singing History' in the Cycle of Songs project


Photos of the Cycle of Songs project on Flickr

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