Chisholm Trail Mural

Celebrating the Opening of the Chisholm Trail Mural in Abbey

Everyone in Cambridge is invited to celebrate with us for the opening event of the Chisholm Trail Mural on Newmarket Road running alongside the Leper Chapel side and Barnwell Lake side of the Road.

Artistic Director, Helen Weinstein, has researched and designed the story-telling for the mural inspire by the history of the area, landscape and archaeology,  working with local school children and community groups to illustrate the stories, which artworks have been designed by Hilary Cox Condron to make a stunning mural for the commuitnity.

The Mural features lines of poetry by Michael Rosen, also inspired by our local history, and he will perform his poetry at a free community event organized by HistoryWorks to celebrate our poems and songs which we’ve sung with choir and schools, many of the songs are composed by Cambridge musician, Bethany Kirby, with rounds/rhymes collaboratively sung and co-composed over the years by Helen, Mario and Tizzy.  Please join in with your voices!!


Our party is on Monday 25th November inside Cambridge United Community Trust from 5pm to 7pm, with performances for the unveiling from 5.30pm to 6pm for singers to join us!   The famous children’s author and broadcaster, Michael Rosen will be performing some of his poems and we will be singing songs about the history of the area, which everyone can join in!  Words on screens At 6pm a mega chocolate cake will be cut and shared with everyone by Michael and Helen.


So Monday 25th November is the official unveiling of the Chisholm Trail Mural, which showcases our songs and poems about local history on 44 panels along the Newmarket Road where the mural produced by HistoryWorks has just been installed.   Our mural, illustrated by children, celebrates the Chisholm Trail being built by Cambridgeshire County Council and the Greater Cambridge Partnership across Abbey, which will connect the meadows on either side of Newmarket Road for walkers and cyclists.


Our celebratory party on Monday 25th November is kindly hosted by the Cambridge United Community Trust, whose hospitality room is down Cut Throat Lane situated closeby the pedestrian crossing on Newmarket Road (see map on the flyer). It will be a public free event, open to anyone who wishes to attend.  We do hope you can join us with family and friends! 


There will also be free candle-lit tours of the Leper Chapel, across the road between 5pm and 7pm. Rev Roger Williams alongside James Littlewood and the team from Cambridge PPF will welcome you to the Leper Chapel if you wish to visit where there will be helpful staff there to show you around. Just mind the steep steps down! 

Chisholm Trail Mural