Railway Singers & 2 Movement Sessions in October

St Philip’s School Hall, 2 Vinery Way, CB1 3DR
Thurs 12th October: 7.30-9pm & Thursday 19th October 7.30-9pm

The first of our 2 singing and movement sessions organized by Helen Weinstein and led by Musical Director, Mario Satchwell, and local Stagecoach Performing Arts Instructor, Rebecca Powell. Helen started with the warm up and everyone used their voices and was ready by the time we got to 'This Old Freedom Train' to be following the new moves to accompany the song, which went down exceptionally well!

It was a challenge and new experience for all involved. The leader Rebecca did an exceptional job of adapting to the different levels of people participating. She introduced the moves at a good pace for all and was very clear in her demonstartions of steps and shuffle. She was very encouraging and certainly asked that people relax into it and release their inner sas with the combination of heel to shuffles and finger wagging throughout the piece.

We also continued to learn sections of our Gospel Train number. The whole project has been moving forward smoothly and it has been amazing to see so many different people getting involved and are really excited to see the final product at the mill road Winter Fair.

There are a number of dates over the next few weeks and months, in the run up to our performance at Mill Road Winter Fair on December 2nd and we would love as many of the local community to get involved. Sunday afternoon sessions are tailored for those who can’t make Thursday nights, and designed so families of all ages can join us!!

Have a look at the singers rehearsing the movements to one of our songs Old Freedom Train

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For further details visit our project page for  Rhythm, Rhymes & Railways and for song samples visit our SONG PAGE

Railway Singers & 2 Movement Sessions in October