Big Lunch on Sunday 12th June - Community Gathering with Singing and Kite Making!

Historyworks took part in the Abbey People Big Lunch Event on Dudley Rec on Sunday 12th June with a pop up Historyworks stand and led a performance of local history songs with local primary school children in the Performance Marquee.


Local Primary School children from Abbey Meadows School and their teachers came to perform history songs they had been learning about their local area, which was led by Mario and Tizzy. The history songs had been co-created by CBBC Horrible Histories writer Dave Cohen and Historyworks and have been a real hit in local primary schools over the last year.


The children performed their set in the performance marquee as part of the afternoon’s entertainment and their fun songs about the stinky river Cam, poo and wee caused great amusement for audience members, such as ‘To The Wash’ and ‘Dirty River Cam in Queen Vic’s Time’, with a particular favourite being ‘What Shall We Do With The Drinking Water?’


Following their performance, the children then make their own kites with the help of Tizzy, which they had great fun flying on Dudley Rec!

The Historyworks stand provided an opportunity to tell local residents about the local history projects we have been doing over the past year and to let families know about exciting upcoming projects and events in the future.

The Historyworks team, including Professor Helen Weinstein, Mario Satchwell and Tizzy Faller all talked to the public about the exciting Making Music and Magical Machines Workshops and Big Wednesday Event they are delivering in August.

Helen and Tizzy promoted the Making Music and Magical Machines junk band and kite makings workshops at the beginning of August and handed out sign up forms to local children. They also let people know about the upcoming Big Wednesday Event on 3rd August.


Historyworks had a fantastic afternoon meeting local residents, despite the rain!

Big Lunch on Sunday 12th June - Community Gathering with Singing and Kite Making!