Family FunDay: Creative & Doing Activities

On Sunday 21st February hundreds of children, families and individuals joined us at the Museum of Technology for a taster day of creative thinking and doing activities for children and adults alike.

The family fun day took inspiration from the past, present and future of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths and included Art workshops illustrating Cambridge’s history of technology, using Minecraft to explore historic buildings, creating pop-up moving-part chimney cards, sewage monster making, balloon-powered cars and spectacular rocket making and launching!

The rocket making and launching was a real hit with children and adults alike, with everyone enjoying seeing how well they could craft and launch their rocket to make it travel the furthest!

Another hugely popular addition was the University of Cambridge Eco Racing Team’s electric car, which they had on display. Members of the team were on hand to explain how the racing car was constructed and the technology behind how it works, as well as showing a film of the electric car in action!

The event was a huge success, thanks to the support of the volunteers from Cambridge Museum of Technology, Makespace, CamCreatives and the University of Cambridge Electric Car Racing Team and the University of Cambridge DTP programme and we look forward to being able to hold another fun day in the future! 

Family FunDay: Creative & Doing Activities